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1. General Description

GSM FWT is a GSM line to Analog Converter(single port, insert 1 sim card only),the device can produce a FXS line to allow a regular phone to be connected and used just like a local landline(PSTN)expect your calls will go out the GSM network. The device can both receive and make calls.

The main application is: Connecting the RJ11 FXS line with fixed phone for voice call, connect PBX for call extentions, connect billing system for publish phone use, connect VOIP gateway for VOIP call terminal, connect alarm system for security purpose,etc.It is not a VOIP gateway,nor a GSM+VOIP gateway. it is a GSM fixed wireless terminal that produces a Analog FXS phone line.


  • GSM 900/1800MHz dual band
  • GSM 900/1800/1900MHz Tri band
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz qual band, base on M10 module, can be used all over the world.


2. Technical Specifications

Air interface standard GSM 850/1900MHz,900/1800MHz phase 2+ full band
Frequency ranges
A) GSM 850 GSM 1900
Transmission 869.2 ~ 893.8MHz 1930 ~ 1990MHz
Reception 824.2 ~ 848.2MHz 1850 ~ 1910MHz
B) GSM 900MHz GSM 1800MHz
Transmission 890 ~ 915MHz 1710 ~ 1785MHz
Reception 935 ~ 960MHz 1805 ~ 1880MHz
Phone interface Supply RJ11 phone interface
Hanging voltage 45V
Picking off voltage 30Ma/41Ma
Dialing tone Frequency 450MHz
Antenna interface Antenna amplifying>2,5db
Sensitivity <-104DBM
Transmitting power <3W
Color White/Black optional
AC-Adapter interface Input : AC 110~240VAC 50~60MHz
Output: 12DC 1A
AV adapter type EU,US,AU, British can be optional

3. Operation Circumstance

Operation temperature -10C~60C
Storage temperature -20C~70C
Operation humidity 45%~95%
Atmosphere pressure 86-106Kpa
Environment noise <60DB
Transmission Power 2W
Sensitivity <-104dbm
Antenna Amplifying >2.5db
Dialing frequency 450MHz
Hanging voltage 45V
Picking current 30mA/41Ma

4. Package List

Name Quantity Remark
Bailing GSM FWT 1pc Dual band or quad band
AC adapter 1pc AC-110~240V,DC 12V/1A
Antenna 1pc Magnetic Antenna with 2m cable
User Manual 1pc English

G.W: 0.6KG per unit. 20pcs / CTN, 15KG / CTN, CTN
Size: 55cm x 34.5cm x 32.5cm

5. Installation and Connection

The condition for installation.

The terminal asks for 110~220V AV power supply .It must be installed in the area where the network can cover. The strength of signal can affect the quality of voice.

  1. Insert the sim card to card holder
  2. Install antenna, In order to ensure the voice quality, antenna should be put beyond 1.5m from fixed phone and GSM FWT.
  3. Connect the fixed phone and GSM FWT with the telephone line.
  4. Connect the adapter and turn on the power button


1. The installation for connecting to fixed phones


Note – Bcs there are may types of fixed phone and their electric parameters are different, in order to avoid mutual disturbance between telephone and terminal and affect voice quality, the distance between phones and terminal is 1.5m at least.

2. The Installation for connecting to billing device for metering

If the users demand to register cost during calls,billing device can be connected between terminal and fixed phone.Billing device register cost according to the anti-polarity signal that is provide by terminal.


3. The installation for connecting to PBX for call extention

If users want to connect small PBX to this GSM FWT, connect terminal’s phone port to the PBX.


4. The installation for connecting to VOIP gateway for call terminal

Suppose a VOIP call originated from US, which was transferred from US to china server on VOIP, finally the call will be terminated from internet to GSM network and to be sent to the destination answer side.


5. The GSM FWT can substitute the PSTN for connecting to alarm system for security purpose when PSTN failure or not available.

The sketch for connecting to alarm system

6. GSM FWT pics show