FASTRACK M1206 modem

Product Description

FASTRACK M1206 modem is a self-contained E-GSM/GSM-GPRS 900/1800
dual-band modem and is GPRS class 10 capable.
This modem supports the following transmissions:
Short Messages (Point to point and Cell Broadcast),
Voice calls.
The modem comprises several interfaces:
LED function indicating the operating status,
External antenna (via SMA connector),
RS232 Serial and control link (via 15-pin SUB HD connector),
Power supply (via 4-pin Micro-FitTM connector),
SIM card holder.
The main features of the modem are the following:
2 Watts E-GSM 900 radio section.
1 Watt GSM1800 radio section.
32 Mbits of Flash memory and 4 Mbits of SRAM,
Real Time Clock with calendar.
Echo Cancellation + noise reduction.
Full GSM or GSM / GPRS software stack.
Hardware GPRS class 10 capable.
Complete shielding.
A DC Power supply,
A RS232 serial link,
Audio interface for:

A 3V / 5V SIM interface.


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